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 I have always wanted and admired long hair !!!

A woman’s pride is in her hair, but it’s not always easy to keep long hair especially if you are an African or African decent. I used to look constantly at woman with long beautiful hair and said to my self "I wish I had the same".

Started relaxing my hair and experienced hair loss from time to time. I then started breading my hair and later discovered weaves.  I used to see our mothers in weaves,but I didn’t like it at all because it looked so fake and on kept. The hair was synthetic and had a very unnatural feel and look.

We all felt relieved when the Yaki type of hair came into the market. We knew that the issue of unnatural feel of our weaves is old news but then ……….

The unusual happened; I was introduced to real natural hair. There is nothing better than having beautiful natural hair. The hair is so natural, beautiful and easy to manage. I couldn’t believe what I saw; I had never seen or experienced hair that felt so soft in my life before. Like anyone would do I started using this kind of natural real hair whenever I weaved my hair. I can tell u out of experience once you discover this type of hair no other kind of hair would satisfy you.

After using natural hair like Brazilian Hair and Indian Remy Hair for years, I found out that there are many woman across the globe who haven't heard the good news. I have made it a point to spread the good news to all.  

LaBella is here to satisfy all that are grieving to have hair solutions don’t be left out !!!


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